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Don’t Get Drunk at the Holiday Party. Better Yet, Don’t Go

Lately I’m reading a lot of surveys and tip sheets from HR experts about holiday parties and gift-giving: how many offices are having them (a shrinking number), what behavior to watch out for (don’t get drunk–just don’t), to what degree they torture employees (off the charts).

Turns out holiday parties can also be lawsuit magnets. …

I Hate My Aeron Chair

My office-furniture nemesis, the famous Aeron chair from Herman Miller

I hate my Aeron chair.

In fact, I hate it so much that I don’t have it anymore. I wheeled it into a conference room a while back and abandoned it. In its place is a brand-free, standard uphostery seat orphaned from before our office redesign. My new-old chair has …

That Diversity Training Session You Just Sat Through? It Doesn’t Work

You’re a manager at a large firm. Every so often you sit through a day of diversity training, designed to teach you how to better manage, hire and promote minorities and women. The goal is worthy, you figure, and if your company spends so much money on these sessions then they must work.

Odd that year after year you look around at the …

Our $560,000 Mistake

What does half a mil buy these days? A three-bedroom house in New Jersey, college tuition for a couple of kids in a couple of decades, peace of mind in the 401(k). All things a working woman could use.

And yet, working women are routinely tossing $560,000 away. We’re doing so by not uttering one all-important sentence during one …

How Cool Is This: The Telemeeting

Earlier I fretted about missing meetings while I am temporarily homebound. But here I am, watching a PowerPoint presentation on my computer via Microsoft Office Live Meeting. It’s an hour-long teleconference being given by the Brookings Institution to teach reporters how to mine Census Bureau numbers for stories.

This is great! As I …

I Feel Bad About My Paycheck

The New York Times has run two stories on poor billionaires–rich dudes who are sad because other dudes make more than they do.

In a story this morning, Silicon Valley tycoons wax envious about the two YouTube founders’ giant Google payday. One 36-year-old, who scored enough as an exec for PayPal to “retire to a comfortable …

Reindeer Handlers, Unite Against Low Pay

As a journalist, I know from retarded press releases. As a workplace correspondent, though, I’m usually spared the worst of the worst: most of the pitches I get involve employment studies and management books and companies that …

We’re All Totally Stressed

Having recently found myself hospitalized for a stress-related illness, I’ve been thinking a lot about stress: what it is, what causes it, and how to get rid of it.

It’s stressing me out.

Misery loves company, so I was …

Why I Love (Okay–Need) My Job

I meant to start this blog on another note.

I have a mountain of notes on topics I wanted to kick off with. Like how military vets returning from Iraq are having trouble finding jobs. Or an interesting study from Harvard about why diversity efforts at big companies don’t necessarily work. Or about mentorships that do. Or about how I …

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