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Free Post-Christmas Job Advice

Quick note: Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the Chicago-based outplacement agency, is offering free call-in job advice on the days following Christmas. The hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Call 312-332-5790.

Ladies, Let’s Gun for That Eight-Figure Salary

So I opened the WSJ online this morning and nearly spat out my decaf:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. paid its chairman and chief executive, Lloyd Blankfein, about $54 million for 2006, a record for Wall Street bosses who are harvesting their share of bull-market bounty.

Say what? Fifty-four million? Can that be right? According to the …

What Do Gen Y Job Seekers Want?

That’s a question I’ve seen posed a lot lately online. As college seniors knock off their midterms and begin thinking in earnest about life A.C. (after college), the tight labor market is forcing employers and recruiters to ask themselves how best to attract the top talent.

Here’s one answer: a recent survey by recruiters Hudson found …

Donate My Fruitcake to Charity

My friend Jessica Kutash, a marketing exec at a consumer products company, writes:

Several vendors with whom I do business have recently sent me my token ‘thanks for doing business with us’ holiday/end-of-year gifts. Normally these gifts are trinkets or candy. I quite like trinkets and candy. This year, however, I am seeing a new kind

When Internships Are the Stuff of Reality Shows

I work in a field so competitive that few would consider me weird for having slogged through four internships before graduation. All involved little or no pay, soul-deadening work, and absolutely not one iota of glamour.

So you could’ve knocked me over with a feather when I learned today that one of my lame internships is going to be a …

Boomers: Put Off Those Hammock Dreams

Ah, retirement. For the 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964, those golden years of sipping Coronas by the pool don’t seem so far away. With the first wave hitting 60, baby boomers are only five years away from sailing off into the land of shuffleboard and bingo.

Not so fast, says a new study. Fully half of boomers are nowhere …

Beware the Compliment-Spewing Boss

Next time your boss drops by your cube to slather you with praise, be afraid. Be very afraid.

He may be among the 74% of managers who believe praise can serve as a substitute for money in motivating employees. And that “attaboy” could mean “no bonus for you.”

That’s according to a survey released today by Sirota Survey Intelligence

We’re Happy! We’re Happy!

On the heels of a relatively cheery government jobs report comes news that American workers are hop-skippingly happy with their jobs. What’s more, we love our bosses.

The nation’s employers added 92,000 jobs last month, bringing the average monthly gain for 2006 up to about 150,000 per month. The unemployment rate fell to 4.4%–the …

Okay, So Go Drink at the Holiday Party…Just Don’t Drive

Judging by the comments to my previous posting about holiday parties, workers feel strongly about their right to get pumpkin-faced at their year-end corporate do. Twelve months of pouring your very soul into PowerPoint pie charts deserves some alcoholic compensation, dangit.

You’re in luck. A fresh batch of surveys in my in-box today …

So I Don’t Deserve a Raise

I just took a quiz on our sister site, and it turns out I really don’t deserve a raise.

The quiz accompanies a smart article by career-advice guru Annie Fisher of Fortune on how to get a raise. It’s adapted from Are You Paid What You’re Worth?: The Complete Guide to Negotiating the Salary, Benefits, Bonus and Raise You

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