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Google’s Cafeteria Is Better Than Ours

I thought our cafeteria was nice.

I’m a big fan of our company caf, the second-floor canteen in the Time-Life building where we stock up on oatmeal and chicken curry and a salad bar I like to believe is unfailingly sanitary. There are stations for freshly made sandwiches and grilled dead meat and “Oriental” noodle specials (cooked in a …

“MySpace for Professionals”: A Social Networking Site Geared for Careerists

I’m kind of dense. Despite my 15 years in the journalism biz, I sometimes don’t recognize a news story until it hits me over the head–a few times. Typically, the magic number is three. So when I realized today that I had heard about this new workplace tool three times in as many days, I thought I should check it out.

The tool is called …

This Year, I Resolve to Hide and/or Remove My Tattoo

Career advisers love to prognosticate about the coming year: the number of layoffs, the size of your bonus, what kind of shrimp they’ll serve at the holiday party. Equally popular among HR professionals are career-related New Year’s resolutions. Along with turning flab to fab and memorizing your kids’ teachers’ names, it seems office …

I Have a Crystal Ball in My Office

Actually, it’s a paper weight. That may be why–though I stared at it very hard for at least a minute–I was utterly unable to make any credible-sounding workplace predictions for 2007.

In this I feel lacking. It’s fashionable for those in the workplace arena to make forecasts for the coming year, judging by the newpaper articles and …

Your Next Boss Will Be an Immigrant

With all the fuss about immigrants taking jobs from Americans, could it be that immigrants are in fact creating jobs?

An interesting new report by a team of scholars from the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University and the University of California, Berkeley, School of Information seems to suggest so. They took a unique approach: …

Five Things I Don’t Love About Working From Home

Don’t get me wrong, friend. I know I’m insanely lucky. Working from home is the Holy Grail of the office drone, and I know I’m inviting your enmity by knocking it. It’s like if Paris Hilton listed her top complaints about being Paris Hilton: it’s her prerogative, but you still wouldn’t mind trading places for a day.

I am working from …

Vacation-Deprived? Maybe It’s Your Fault

If you’re like many Americans, you’re back at your desk this week after a totally relaxing long weekend of last-minute gift-buying and spastic present-wrapping and uncontrolled gingerbread-gorging. You’re as glazed as a 10 lb. ham. It’s all you can do to get through a few days of paper-pushing until–hallelujah!–the compulsory …

How Do You Regift a Fighting Fish?

On Dec. 15, I wrote about a marketing exec who had received donations to charity in her name from vendors in lieu of the traditional holiday popcorn bucket. One brand new company in Phoenix called David and Sam PR had even decided to make it their thing, offering to stuff clients’ stockings with either a) fruitcake or b) charitable …

Questioning the Wage Gap

In response to my posting about the wage gap between men and women, my friend Gerry writes:

I’ve always been suspicious of the stat that women earn 77 cents on the dollar for performing the same job as a male colleague. Why? Because if there’s one thing we know about corporate America is that it loves to pay less and get more. Just like

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