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Brand Building Is About Team Building

It’s brainstorming day at TIME.

The TIME 100 is an annual issue we do profiling the 100 most interesting, influential, newsmaking, world-changing people of the past and coming year. (No, you’re not on the list. You were the person of the year; don’t be greedy.) It’s followed up by a celeb-stocked extravaganza in the swanky Time Warner …

Time Is a Valuable Commodity for Workers

Time. I think a lot about time, and not just because it’s the name of the news organization I work for. Like most working people, I find time–or the lack of it–an eternal frustration, an unwinnable battle, the bane of my harried existence. My every day is a race against the clock that I never, ever seem to win.

This is hardly a …

We Mommies Aren’t Warring or Opting. We’re Too Busy Making Lunch

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by SAHMs. This is in part for a story I’m working on, but also because I wanted to see how the issues of stay-at-home moms differed from those of us who can escape to an office.

You can’t cover the workplace beat without reporting on women at work, and that road leads inexorably to the subject of …

One in Five American Workers Suffer Mental Illness

“This project is driving me bonkers.”

“My boss is certifiable.”

“If the dude in the next cubicle doesn’t turn down his freaking iPod, I’m going to throw myself a nervous breakdown.”

We all like to goof about how work makes us whacko. But mental illness isn’t a joke for one in five workers. That’s right: 20% of Americans suffer some …

Let’s Not Shrink From Tackling Stress on the Job

A couple of months ago, I saw a shrink.

I was just beginning to recover from a nasty bout of a chronic illness that doctors think might be triggered by stress. Although I’ve lived with the illness for 15 years, the prolonged hospital stay scared me into making a resolution: I would do whatever it takes to avoid ever facing two weeks of …

Inside a Layoff: Why We Care So Much About Our Jobs

If you keep up with media news, you’ll know that my company has been gearing up for massive layoffs. The axe swung today. Seeing as this is all I can think about, and seeing as layoffs are, after all, the big gorilla of workplace issues, I figure today we can talk about the horrible reality that is job loss.

First, the facts. My …

More Women Are Working From Home; We’re Just Not Going Anywhere

This might be what you call a good news, bad news situation.

Nine in 10 women have used flexible work arrangements at some point in their careers. Good news: more women are taking advantage of new flexibility in balancing home and work. Bad news: those workers can get comfy in their fuzzy pink slippers, because they’re sure not gonna …

Latinos in the Office Can Work It to Their Advantage

I don’t like career self-help books. I have my reasons. For one, the so-called advice is often outrageously, even condescendingly, obvious: “Build yourself a network!” “Research your prospective employer online!” “Don’t forget to flush!”

For another, the books’ purpose for existence seems more often than not to be furthering the careers …

Boomers Want to Keep Their Jobs. But Can They?

Study after study proclaims baby boomers make for smarter workers, nicer colleagues, kinder bosses, and, heck, just all-around better people than the rest of us. Maybe it’s all true; far be it for me to knock the collective talents of 78 million people. But it occurs to me: could it be that all this affirmation is lulling boomers into the …

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