Decision Making

Your Funeral Home May Be Scamming You

Funeral homes have long been accused of taking advantage of their customers, who are forced to make a series of expensive decisions in the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death, when they’re extraordinarily vulnerable. And a …

What It Means to Be ‘Wealthy’ in America Today

Correction appended: July 24, 2013, 11:03 p.m. E.T.

The rich don’t really think they’re rich. In a new survey, the vast majority of investors with $1 million in assets don’t consider themselves wealthy. Which brings up the question: What do the terms rich and wealthy really mean?

How to Stay Engaged After Retirement

Retired chess champion Garry Kasparov is making his mark–off the chess board. He and others show us how and why to stay engaged when our working years are behind.

10 Steps to Spring Clean Your Finances

When it comes to spring cleaning, you probably haul the junk out of your garage, scrub your fridge, and wash the rugs and drapes. But don’t forget about your personal finances. Just after tax season is the perfect time to perform …

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