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Alan Greenspan changes his mind about regulation

When I worked at Fortune I used to go down to Washington to talk to Alan Greenspan about once a year. I wasn’t really trying to report on what the Fed was up to, so the conversations could range all over the place. I remember one very clearly in which Greenspan stated his opinions on the utility of regulation.

His view was that there …

What moves stock prices?

A reader writes:

I’ve asked brokers, finance wizards and total strangers to explain what the stock market does. Yes, I understand that when a business issues new shares, it gets capitalized. And when a business folds, shareholders get the (ha ha) liquidation dividend. I also acknowledge that there needs to be some sort of vehicle for

Economist Arnold Kling says don’t believe the economists

I’ve been meaning for a while to put a plug in here for Arnold Kling, who has delivered some of the most consistently provocative commentary on the financial freakout over the past couple of months. Much of Kling’s appeal has to with his possibly unique-on-this-planet combination of knowledge, experience and attitude. He’s a product of …

Zogby comes calling

The call came Saturday evening before dinner. Curious Capitalist Jr. (who is 9) picked up. The caller asked to speak to a grownup. He handed the phone to Mrs. Curious Capitalist.

Mrs. CC sat there answering questions for a while. From the answers, they seemed like very strange questions. After a while CC Jr. came to me in the kitchen, …

Explaining the oil-gasoline price disconnect

For obvious reasons, I’ve been getting a lot more reader e-mail than I used to. Which is great, except that I’m now way behind in answering. So here’s a good one one from a week ago that has only gotten more relevant with the passage of time:

One of the economic issues that really disturbs me is the movement in gasoline prices. Over the

Martin Wolf: It began with the Asian currency crises, and it’s ending with the close of the Reagan-Thatcher era

As already noted here, FT economics columnist Martin Wolf has a new book out called Fixing Global Finance. It’s not really about the current crisis, but it is about the giant imbalances in global capital flows that Wolf thinks were the biggest cause of the current crisis. I went to a breakfast with Wolf on Thursday, and he explained with …

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