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A Dane watches the presidential debate

A Danish friend who watched the debate from Copenhagen sent me this e-mail last night. He was a little groggy–it was 5 a.m. his time–but I figured it was worth sharing:

[A]mericans don’t understand that you’re a part of a global economy and society. The whole world is struggling with financial problems mainly because of the

New column: The fundamentally strong economy

My column in the new TIME that goes on sale Friday (it’s got Lincoln, FDR, Obama and McCain on the cover) is already up online. It begins:

John McCain’s claim that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong,” uttered just before the financial crisis turned dire, may go down as one of the great blunders of presidential-campaign history.

An early view of the Treasury plan

The WSJ is reporting that the bank-rescue plan to be unveiled by Treasury Tuesday will call for the government to spend the first $250 billion of its TARP stash buying equity stakes in banks–“potentially thousands of banks”–and for the FDIC to temporarily insure all non-interest-bearing deposits and new senior debt issued by banks and …

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