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A rousing defense of Citizen Murdoch

A friend with a history in the British newspaper business writes:

I’m fascinated by some of the comments on Murdoch in the papers and from the WSJ newsroom — right-wing ideologue, terrible for papers etc etc.

He’s a newspaper man! He’s got ink under his fingernails! Ask any of his editors: he loves papers. That may not be why he’s

Barry Goldwater, John Kenneth Galbraith, Sam Tanenhaus, Todd Gitlin, Bobby Kennedy Jr. and The Dread Alterman, all in one amazing blog post

I caught the second half of a pretty interesting panel discussion on “The Conservatism and Liberalism of the 1960s: Then and Now” at the New York Public Library this (Tuesday) afternoon. The occasion was the publication of new editions of Barry Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative and John Kenneth Galbraith’s The New Industrial

Rupert Murdoch moves in on Dow Jones

What is one to make of the news that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. wants to buy Dow Jones? A decade or two ago everybody would have called it a travesty, of course. But lately Murdoch has come to look like the media titan with by far the longest view. He certainly shouldn’t be expected to go in and tear apart the company or its crown …

Is 28% of GDP too much to pay in taxes?

A former soccer teammate of mine had this to say about my posts a couple of weeks back about the constancy of the tax burden over the past half century or so. (The federal tax burden is around 18.5% of GDP, which is about the average for the post-war era, while the combined federal, state and local burden is 28.8%, a couple of percentage …

The fat head of music sales is getting fatter

I’m generally sympathetic to Chris Anderson’s argument that the Internet should shift the focus of the media business away from the fat head of blockbusters and toward the long tail of niche content. But it sure ain’t happening yet in music sales. From today’s W$J:

Thanks largely to aggressive pricing and advertising, big-box chains are

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