Transgender Marketing: 12 Campaigns That Defy Sexual Stereotyping

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Litariana 1 Like

'Defy sexual stereotyping'? Telling men that the only candles they can like must be meat-scented. Or, the only way women will drink hard liquor is if it's smooth and fruity. Calling steakhouses that focus on women 'breastaurants (vomit)? This is NOT progress. As a woman with many varied interests that go beyond fashion, flowers, fruit and pink, these companies are certainly not marketing to ME. And the majority of men I know don't need it constantly reinforced that they're nothing if not tough, macho types. There are a whole huge lot of us in between these extremes that would prefer companies just treat us all like freaking HUMANS.

BeckyK 1 Like

So they took things that are typically masculine, made them pink, and said "Look! Here! For Women!" Marketing geniuses on our hands here.


Instead of defying gender stereotypes, these products only seem to reinforce them! Also that is a terrible misuse of the word transgender. While it may literally mean to cross gender, transgender is an identity that shouldn't be used as such.


Amazing how many of the "new" items for men are based on appearance insecurity. This is progress???