Educational Financing

5 Weird Ways to Save

Corporate sponsorship for weddings, fake (but effective) medications, savvy business advice from prostitutes, and more.

Shout Out: ‘Why Top Colleges Squeeze You Dry’

“Based on my experience as the vice president for finance and administration at a prominent college in the early 2000s, I suggest that the answer is simple: Top private institutions charge what they do because a substantial number of people will pay it.”

What’s Up? Also, What’s Down

The economy has had its ups and downs—OK, mostly downs of late. Here, some statistics showing the economic fallout on all sorts of things, including cheap booze sales (they’re up), military recruits with college degrees (also up), and excuses for getting out of jury duty (way up).

Marriage: A Good Investment for Guys

A new study is out showing that in 1970, an unmarried man was better off financially than the guy who had tied the knot. Today, the reverse is true. Will the news bring on a mad rush of men chomping at the bit to pop the question?

Get a College Education for Free

Major colleges and universities like Yale, MIT, and Cal-Berkeley offer online courses, lectures, and class notes free to the public. You won’t earn credit—but you won’t spend a penny either. And you could actually learn something. Who needs an actual degree anyway, right?

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