Economics & Policy

The Wishful Environmentalism of Cars 2

Cars 2 opened to lukewarm reviews and a smash box office, taking in $66 million domestically and another $42 million internationally during its opening weekend. The film’s ability to transcend unusually tepid reviews is clearly …

Is Dodd-Frank Reviving the Shadow Banks?

They’re back.

In the past few months, it appears, shadow banks (financial firms that make loans but aren’t actual banks) seem to be making a comeback. In case you’ve forgotten about these things already, shadow banks are like …

The Optimism Deficit

In the nearly 15 years that I’ve been writing about markets and managing money, there’s been a dramatic shift that has gotten only marginal notice. We’ve gone from having an optimism surplus to an optimism deficit. That may …

Running Away from Treasuries

If, as some are saying, the long-term safety of U.S. Treasury bonds can no longer be counted on, the rules of investing will need to be rewritten.

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