J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth is an accidental personal-finance expert, i.e., a regular guy who found himself deep in debt. After deciding to turn his life around, he read everything he could about money and finance. In 2006, he started the award-winning blog Get Rich Slowly, which Money named the Web's most inspiring personal-finance blog. Get Rich Slowly has grown into an active community in which thousands of readers every month share ideas on how to improve their financial lives. Roth is the author of Your Money: The Missing Manual.

Articles from Contributor

Why Financial Literacy Fails

I’m often asked what I’d do to improve financial literacy in the United States. The premise seems to be that if we teach young people about compound interest and two-cycle billing, this information will lead them to make better financial choices. I’m not convinced.

Managing Mom’s Money

Talking to an aging parent about how they’re handling their finances can help them to avoid getting scammed by insurance and credit-card companies

How to Save For Your Dream Vacation

I just returned from a six-week vacation to Bolivia and Peru. Since the beginning of October, I’ve been climbing mountains, exploring ancient ruins, and sipping pisco sours. Many folks dream of taking trips like this, but few …

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