Economics & Policy

Lawmakers Take Aim at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

If you can’t beat ’em, starve ’em. It’s become a go-to tactic of the GOP-dominated House of Representatives, and it’s not just for Planned Parenthood anymore. Today, the House Appropriations Committee is expected to advance bank-friendly legislation created and approved by its financial services subcommittee that effectively hamstrings …

Federal Agency Sues Banks For Credit Union Failures

One of the most frustrating things about the 2008 financial crisis was the sense that the people who got us into this mess weren’t going to face any kind of repercussions. For ordinary Americans watching their nest eggs tank while reading about bailouts and golden parachutes, there was a widespread feeling that somebody needed to be held …

Banks Are Hurting? It’s All Relative

The latest out of Wall Street-land is a warning by analysts at Citibank that profits at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley (and to a lesser degree at other banks as well) will show a sharp contraction for the second quarter of …

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