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Ten Ways to Save a Little Money, or Make a Little Bit on the Side

Create a little side business to take advantage of the recession-era atmosphere. Start raising some chickens. Avoid car dealerships for oil changes and routine maintenance. Consider selling your home and relocating to a cave. And other ways to improve your financial outlook, if not necessarily your quality of life.

Recession Ride Taxi Service: “Pay What You Want”

Eric Hagen may be the nicest cab driver ever. Perhaps he’s the smartest too. A full-time employee at the American Red Cross in Burlington, Vermont, Hagen recently started a new business: Recession Ride Taxi. He printed some business cards, and put the words “Pay What You Want!” on the back of the SUV that doubles as his taxi.

Commute, Run Errands for $40 a Year

This is probably not going to bolster the struggling car industry, but if it helps the environment, eases road traffic, and saves folks some money, people will get over it pretty quickly. Bike-sharing, which has long been available in cities throughout Europe, and got a brief preview during last fall’s presidential conventions, will get …

The Great Recession: Is “Great” the Right Word?

Sometimes, an adjective seems inappropriate. Take “great.” It seems both overused and misused. Wayne Gretzky? No doubt about it: GREAT. Alexander the Great? Sure. Muhammad Ali? The Greatest. But plagues, wars, floods, depressions, economic panics, riots, and recessions? If any of these things are occurring, the situation seems less than …

How to Fire Someone—Or Just Watch a Co-worker Get Fired

It’s etiquette time. The day when someone you’ve worked with for years, or even for a few months, gets walked to the door with a box of personal items (and perhaps some pilfered notepads and pens) is awkward, to say the least. Since layoffs are so commonplace nowadays, it behooves everyone to have a clue what to do. How should the …

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