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1849 All Over Again?

You lose your job. Then the home goes into foreclosure. What do you do? Go west to strike it rich in the gold mines. These are scenes from the 1800s, and from the Great Depression, and from today.

Strictly Business: How Emotions Screw Up Your Investments

Why do many competent, smart people make mistakes with their investments? It turns out that their feelings have been hurt, or they’re trying to save face, or they’re cocky enough to think they’re faster and smarter than the masses. Basically, they get emotional.

Tough Times Are Everywhere, Right? Wrong

Some towns are defying the recession, with cranes dutifully piecing together new buildings, new businesses opening, populations showing increases, and average resident income actually growing. How do they do it? Chances are, Uncle Sam has given them a helping hand.

“Compassionate Downsizing”: You’re Fired! Want a Hug?

Apparently, there are good ways and bad ways to fire people. From the company’s perspective, layoffs go well if no one sues. From the employee’s perspective, there are really just bad ways and worse ways to handle layoffs. But if you are laid off, don’t simply accept whatever papers are pushed in front of you to sign. Even though you …

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