Gary Belsky & Tom Gilovich

Gary Belsky and Thomas Gilovich are co-authors of the bestselling Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes—And How To Correct Them: Lessons from the Life-Changing Science of Behavioral Economics. Gary, an award-winning editor and writer, lectures and consults on the psychology of decision-making to businesses and consumer groups around the world. Tom, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, has also written How We Know What Isn’t So (1991), Heuristics and Biases: The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment (2002, with Dale Griffin and Daniel Kahneman), and Social Psychology (2004, with Dacher Keltner and Richard Nisbett).

Articles from Contributor

My Brief (but Valuable) Visit with the 1% at Davos

A Better Way To Pay Off Debts

‘Tis the season … to accumulate debt, and in that spirit we thought we’d write about a pair of related and timely subjects. The first is a new study, containing findings that could help you pay off loans faster. The second is a …

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