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Top New Cars of 2013

Cars are Americans’ most trusted servants. For 2013, automakers are making them more efficient, yes, but also smarter: Various new models can now read e-mail, find addresses, shuffle through music, park themselves, and even avoid …

Is “Edgy” Marketing Too Edgy To Last?

It all came down to a not-so-innocent nativity scene. Last week, Delta Airlines pulled ads from the Daily Show after the Catholic League complained about an image of a naked women with a manger between her legs.

Why China’s Growth is Slowing

Economists have put forward a number of reasons why China has been slowing. Higher commodities prices and a fast growing economy are causing inflation. The government has moved to reign in China’s lending and credit bubble. Chinese housing prices have started to fall as vacancy rates have skyrocketed. The stock market has dropped. But …

Why China and Corporations are Alike

Why are the markets so schizophrenic? Bond spreads are rising, signaling rich country solvency fears. Yet stocks are up (except when political ineptitude like the failure of the super committee to reach a debt deal knocks them temporarily down). The mixed signals aren’t as strange as you might think — they reflect the large and …

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