Curious Capitalist

What Ukraine Means for the Markets

Global markets have been falling on worries over conflict in the Ukraine. Is this the end of the multi-year bull market that has taken stocks to record highs recently? In a word no, but there are some important economic impacts

Can Pensions Be Fixed?

This is a topic I’ve been obsessed about in recent days. From San Jose to Detroit, Illinois to Rhode Island, cities and states are struggling with the issue. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie is proposing a new $34.4 billion …

A Robust Housing Recovery? Not So Fast

That’s a question I’m asking after reading some new housing data and real estate market studies out this week. The national numbers make it seem like we’re having a pretty good year for housing, which is one of the keys to …

Is the Internet Really a Utility?

That’s the question at the heart of a new FCC effort to rewrite the rules of net neutrality. With the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast, there’s a growing fear that giant cable operators as well as internet …

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