Roya Wolverson

Roya Wolverson is the global business editor for TIME. Previously, she was an economics writer for the Council on Foreign Relations' Web publication, Wolverson covered finance and investing for the Wall Street Journal magazine SmartMoney and wrote about foreign policy, domestic politics and culture for Newsweek. Her freelance work has appeared in the New Republic, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and on NPR's On Point. Wolverson has a master's degree in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School and was a Fulbright scholar on economic development in Mali and a Fulbright journalism fellow in Germany.

Articles from Contributor

Are Consumers Getting Tired of Fast Fashion?

Last year, discount meccas like Dollar General and Dollar Tree scrambled to expand into hundreds of new stores stuffed with standard recessionary fare: cheap made-in-China toys, synthetic tee-shirts, and flimsy housewares. Fast fashion retailers like H&M, Uniqlo, and Zara, which churn out the latest styles at record speed, also fared

Is the Scene At Davos Getting Old?

Davos has always been maligned for being a playground for elites. The ambrosial London Mayor Boris Johnson described the event this year as “a constellation of egos involved in orgies of adulation.” Of course, exclusivity can work in your favor when trying to build an intellectual global brand. But could the old-world elitism that Davos …

Q&A: Why U.S. Companies Fail to Innovate

Davosians have been raving about Harvard professor and innovation guru Clayton Christensen’s performance on our TIME Davos panel “Leading Through Adversity” on Jan. 23. So I caught up with him in the World Economic Forum’s bustling Congress Center to dig deeper into the root causes of the innovation lull in the U.S.

Are Today’s Business Leaders Too Afraid of Risk?

During this year’s TIME Davos panel “Leading through Adversity” — video highlights of which you can watch below — TIME International editor Jim Frederick asked some of the world’s biggest players in the global economy a simple question: Are leaders too risk-averse in their efforts to bring the economy back on track?

It’s not an …

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