If only print were dead, my job would be so much easier, part 2

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I’m writing something large for the magazine today, and I always struggle to post much here when that is the case. Sorry.

What else happens when I’m in composition mode? I drink way too many caffeinated beverages (I’m currently in the middle of an ice-cold Diet Dr. Pepper) and I check Gawker a lot. I don’t really like Gawker anymore (I’m a Spiers loyalist); on a normal day I’m unlikely to check it even once. But give me a deadline and a couple thousand words to write, and I check it 15 times a day.

Now loyal readers may note that I used this magazine-writing excuse last week as well, and nothing under my byline actually appeared in dead-tree Time. Well, it’s the same piece, it got bumped by Barack, and now I’m trying to totally redo it because I didn’t love the earlier version.

But anyway, enough about that. I’ve got to go see what’s new on Gawker. (Hmmm, a post about a less-than-revelatory NYT article about Karl Rove that I read before breakfast. Lame!)