It’s a Deal: JetBlue Flights from $29

During a one-day sale from JetBlue, flights are available starting at $29 (Las Vegas to Burbank or Long Beach), $39 (Boston-Baltimore), $44 (Washington, D.C., to New York City-JFK), $49 (Buffalo-Boston, Sacramento-Long Beach, Burlington-New York), $59 (Richmond-Boston), $89 (Hartford-Orlando), and $109 (Orlando-Austin, Bermuda-New York). …

Message to Congress: COBRA Bites

I am a statistic, one of the millions of Americans laid off in early 2009. And thus, my family is currently insured through COBRA, the federal program that guarantees continued health coverage for people who have left full-time jobs. The acronym stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, but that’s just gobbledy gook. …

Without a Magazine, We Wouldn’t Have Healthcare Reform?

There’s much hubbub of late about how—or if—Congress will transform healthcare. The one reason even cynical me thinks things actually will change (slowly, incrementally) is that the situation is finally hitting us where it hurts: our wallets. Everyone agrees that healthcare spending is mismanaged and out of control. And apparently, …

The Latest Style: Dumpster Diver Deluxe

Who says L.A.’s elites are out of touch? As the LA Times reports, home furnishings made from recycled burlap, old brooms, and discarded barrels are all the rage, in a recession-chic style dubbed “dumpster diver deluxe.” Celebs like Kathy Hilton (Paris’s mom) and Leonardo DiCaprio have jumped on the trend, spending thousands of bucks on …

It’s the Cheapskate to the Rescue!

People are reacting to the economic downturn in different ways. Some folks are trying to change careers, whether they really want to or not. Lots of people are sensibly scaling back. Still others are taking a rather proactive approach: They’re turning into superheroes. No joke, as CNN reports.

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