Chrysler Dealers: Everything Must Go

“In essence, I paid some people to take some of my cars.” Those are the words of a Chrysler dealership owner in Arkansas. His dealership, like about one-quarter of Chrysler showrooms across the country, is being forced to close tomorrow, June 9. Dealers on the chopping block have been unloading inventory on the cheap for weeks, and today …

It’s Time to Consider Plan B, Whether You Want to or Not

Lately, plenty of writers seem to be trying careers on for size that don’t involve them sitting in front of a computer, and it’s not because they want to be the next George Plimpton. Everyone knows that their pink slip could be next (people in publishing especially). So, if you’re out of work, or on the brink of being out of work—and …

Welcome to Your Daily Smack Upside the Head

Reading this blog will not make you rich. I do not have seven foolproof steps to earning your first million before you turn 25. Nor will I join the many pretenders who claim to have extraordinary insight into what, where, or how to invest your money. All that said, I know that I can help you make money—mostly by not spending it in the …

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