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Dire Jobs Report Throws Washington into the Pressure Cooker

It’s bad, man. The May unemployment report released Friday morning didn’t just announce one month of lethargic job growth–69,000 added, fewer than necessary to even keep up with population growth. The government’s regular estimates can be off by enough to turn whispers of doom to shouts of joy. These things are fickle. But …

March Unemployment: The Rorschach Jobs Report

March’s unemployment numbers were mediocre enough to be open to any number of interpretations. Republicans see evidence that the President’s policies have taken us off track. Obama just called it another bump in the road. Here are two reasons to despair and two reasons to celebrate about the latest data

Chairman Eeyore: Bernanke’s Dour Outlook Explained

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have been taking some big leaps in recent months: policy prescriptions tied to explicit dates, dire warnings to Congress, open press conferences, college lectures and even a Twitter feed. So while it’s still natural to expect characteristic caution from the Fed chairman, it’s not impossible to …