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Don’t come to work! We need the savings

My friend Barbara Kiviat over at Curious Capitalist sends me this news (from Reuters): Cisco is shutting down most its U.S. and Canadian business for five days to cut costs by more than $1 billion.

Imagine the memo. “DEAR STAFF: Please stay home for the holidays. In an effort to save your jobs and our company, we’re going to give you …

Who needs a bonus? In fact, who needs pay?

Goldman Sachs’ top executives recently made the news for refusing to take bonuses this year. Hear that? It’s the sound of me clapping really slowly. Bravo, fellows. Bravo. Your stock is down 60% this year, and your firm is expected to announce its first quarterly loss as a public company in December. But you’re going to bite your lips

Holiday party tips for dummies

Honestly. We’re grown-ups here. Aren’t we? So how come every year around this time, I get a barrage of tips from experts about how to conduct ourselves at the annual holiday party? The answer is that despite exterior appearances, we all still act like tweens when given the opportunity. So the following nine tips come from Barbara …

You’ll get your work-life balance now, you lazy…

Now is probably not the time to saunter into your boss’s office and demand a flexible work arrangement involving telecommuting or job-sharing or scaling back to part-time. Or is it?

I’ve been getting and making a lot of calls from colleagues since my company announced layoffs this month. One thing I learned from an off-the-record source …

Drinking and e-mailing? Google to the rescue

As the pink slips start appearing on workers’ desks, many of us are likely to stomp home and mix ourselves something good and stiff from the part of the liquor cabinet that normally gathers dust. On our third whiskey sour, the probability of snapping open our laptops and firing off a pissed-off e-mail to our bosses goes up about …

How long till universal healthcare?

This question is taking on some urgency for me and the thousands of other American workers facing layoffs. Because the only thing that scares me more than not having an income is not having health insurance.

“Not to worry,” said my husband, cheerfully. “Obama will get us universal healthcare.”

There’s talk that healthcare is bumping …

Where I’ll be working when I’m laid off

WaPo has a great article about Japanese convenience stores, where

you can buy fresh sushi and carbon offsets, pay income tax and change diapers, book airplane tickets and sip vodka coolers. There’s hot soup, cold beer, fresh bread, clean toilets, french fries, earwax remover, spotless floors, and a broadband-empowered machine that will

Even layoff survivors suffer

They announced layoffs in my division this morning. I’m still on maternity leave and therefore out of the corridors, but here’s what I know is going on: staffers are clustering in offices and cubicles, arms crossed and heads down, sharing rumors and hearsay, making predictions about who’ll stay and who’ll go. Layoff announcements don’t …

The layoffs are here

This morning, at 10:48 a.m., an e-mail arrived in our inboxes from our boss: the layoffs were here.

In previous weeks, the memos had come fast and furious from corporate announcing impending cuts along with dramatic reorganization at our company. Top editors and business managers at Time Inc. were being replaced or moved around. Each …

Younger workers will survive? No kidding.

So says a new article in CIO Magazine. Meridith Levinson, a self-described “scrappy, do-it-yourself latch-key kid,” lists five reasons why Gen Y will do okay in the coming economic kaboom. Hard to believe, considering

According to a CareerBuilder survey from 2007, 74 percent of employers say Gen Y workers expect to be paid more; 56

Five things I’ll miss about the elections

1. CNN’s bizarro holograms. I’m the only one alive who thought they were neat-o.
2. Tina Fey. I could watch her all day, and, ever since she became Sarah Palin, I did. They should create a Tina Fey network so she’d be on 24/7. Maybe she could start practicing her Rahm Emanuel impression. Tina can do anything. I love me my Tina.
3. …

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