How Homeownership Is Like Marriage

There are forces that eagerly want you to enter these institutions—the federal government with homeownership, nagging family members with marriage, and society as a whole for both. You hear over and over that entering into these commitments is the fulfillment of a dream. But neither homeownership nor marriage is right for everyone. And …

Q&A: Bad with Money? It’s Not Your Fault

Even before you got your first piggie bank, you may have been witness to events that permanently affected your relationship with money—including, obviously, how you spend it. These events might be quite dramatic, like your father losing his business, or more mundane, such as being teased at school for wearing ragged hand-me-down …

How NOT to Invest Your Money

Take it from a business journalist: Don’t listen to stock tips from business journalists. Also, don’t invest like an average Joe (or Jane).

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