5 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

After Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for scamming people out of billions while operating what has been described as the large Ponzi scheme in history, you would think people would be a bit smarter about …

Q&A: Matthew Schifrin, Author of ‘The Warren Buffetts Next Door’

A new book profiles ten unknown, ordinary investors—including college dropouts, engineers, a former truck driver, a retired DJ, most of them without MBAs or fancy degrees. What makes these investors extraordinary, however, is that they’ve managed to do what the wisdom on the street says can’t be done by consistently pulling in amazing …

Q&A: ‘Generation Earn’ Author Kimberly Palmer

To today’s young professionals, debilitating credit card and student loan debt and unemployment rates of 10% are common parts of their economic landscape, while ideas like job security and real estate investments that always rise in value seem like concepts of the distant past. How do people in their 20s and 30s differ from previous …

The Two-Day-a-Month Investment Road to Riches

Here’s an odd observation that I don’t advise you to act upon in any way: In 2010, you would have gotten an extraordinary return on your investment if you’d put money in the stock market only on the first two days of each month—and then pulled your money out every other day.

12 Signs of Continued Hard Times

Including more participation in food stamp programs and more people drinking beer at home, along with fewer people investing in stocks, buying videogames, going to the movies, and working at jobs that match their skill sets.

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