War for the Web

Handicapping the Yahoo/Facebook Patent Battle

When Yahoo filed a patent suit against Facebook this week, it became as popular as Rush Limbaugh at a Planned Parenthood gathering. But many Yahoo investors will tolerate Silicon Valley’s scorn if the patent gambit actually …

Meet The 10 Patents Yahoo Is Using To Sue Facebook

Yes, Yahoo went there today—claiming in a lawsuit that it, not Facebook, is the real king of social networks. The company points to ten patents that it says cover features like messages, advertising and privacy settings.

We’ve provided here abstracts of those patents for your reading pleasure.

Report: Facebook, Google Overtake Yahoo In Display Ad Market Share

Yahoo’s once dominant position with display advertising is now officially over. Research firm eMarketer released figures Wednesday showing that both Facebook and Google surpassed Yahoo last year in display-ad revenue, with $1.73 billion and $1.71 billion, respectively.

According to eMarketer, overall spending on online video, …

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