War for the Web

Why Google Should Be Worried About Facebook

I have written a few columns questioning Facebook’s long term value. And amidst all the recent news about the company’s IPO woes, it seems like investors may be skeptical as well.

Even though I may have a conviction that a scenario might play out a certain way, I believe it is important to examine all sides. So today I would like …

Pinterest Locked in Stalemate with Image Owners

Image-sharing site Pinterest has been in negotiations for months with photo service Getty. A breakthrough could dispel some of the copyright questions hanging over the hot startup — but one expert says not to hold your breath.

Facebook to Acquire Instagram Photo-Sharing App

Facebook just announced “that it has reached an agreement to acquire Instagram, a fun, popular photo-sharing app for mobile devices.” The deal consists of “approximately $1 billion in a combination of cash and shares of Facebook” and “is expected to close later this quarter.”

How Facebook Search Could Be a Gift to Google

Facebook’s reported move into search may one day prove a mortal threat to Google’s advertising business. But in the short run, the social network’s new project comes at an opportune time for the search giant.

For Google, …

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