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One word: lighting

Rudy Provoost, the CEO of Philips Lighting, was here Friday. There’d been a big, goofy photo of him, lightbulb in hand, in Friday’s NYT business section (the photo does not appear to be online, although the story it accompanied is) so I figured the Curious Capitalist ought to have its own version.

Provoost is holding an LED lightbulb …

Is Microsoft going the way of the Zune?

Fortune’s Jon Fortt reports that when long-time Microsoft-basher Larry Ellison (the CEO of Oracle) was asked this week if Microsoft was still relevant, his answer was:

They make a lot of money. I think they’re clearly relevant. I divide the computer industry into two groups. And I know for a long time I was constantly picking a fight

It’s just that simple: Dell now wants to be like IBM

You probably know the bare-bones history of the personal computer: The business was IBM’s to dominate, but it decided to outsource the guts of the machine—the microprocessor and the operating system—to Intel and Microsoft. Those two companies sucked up most of the profits of the 1990s PC boom, while Dell became the dominant PC …

Why is it news that Ben Bernanke thinks the recession is over?

Example #389 of why I’m never going to make it in the news business: Yesterday afternoon,’s business editor, John Curran, recommended that I take a look at Ben Bernanke’s speech at the Brookings Institution. I glanced at the text, saw that it was an exact repeat of the speech he’d given at Jackson Hole in August, and thought, …

Weekend video: More Belgians!

After last weekend I couldn’t resist. Here’s Suarez, from the town of Mons:


Don’t know a whole lot about them, except what I read in this article. I can’t really read French, but it appears to tell of a Belgian of Spanish and Italian descent uniting with three guys (two brothers and …

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