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Management wisdom from Larry Ellison

We were at a cocktail party, and [former Apple CEO] Gil Amelio was explaining Apple’s predicament to us, and he said: “Apple is a boat. There’s a hole in the boat, and it’s taking on water. But there’s also a treasure on board. And the problem is, everyone on board is rowing in different directions, so the boat is just standing

Better technology at home than at work

In today’s WSJ, Nick Wingfield addresses one of the stranger information-technology developments of the past decade. The off-the-shelf computing technology available to anybody with a few bucks to spend (and in some cases without any bucks, as some of the best stuff is free) is significantly better than what large corporations provide …

Infosys tells us where the growth is

The head honchos of Bangalore-based IT consulting/outsourcing/software-development company Infosys were in New York today for an analyst meeting (security analysts, not psychoanalysts, I think), and afterwards they chatted with some representatives of the embattled fourth estate. Infosys recently reported its first quarterly revenue gain …

Are you a fan?

James Dyson, the man who brought us the vacuum cleaner of the future, has a new device: the bladeless fan. It’s already getting rave reviews, despite its $300+ price tag. No one sent me one (I guess because all the freebies now go to people who only blog), so I can’t tell you how the thing blows, but I can at least offer up some videos. …

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