Small Business Tip of the Day

How to Keep Your Business Data Safe

Data is the lifeblood of any business, so keeping it safe and accessible should be a top priority for even the smallest startup. Keeping your data safe can seem like a daunting process, but this checklist will help you get started.

How to Keep Business Projects on Track

We’ve all been there. Business projects that start out full of excitement and promise lose focus and energy until it seems like they’re a long way from that goal that once seemed so promising.

Customer Complaints Can Help Your Company

Here’s something most small business owners have probably never considered: Customer complaints don’t have to be considered a problem. In fact, they can be a tremendous source of goodwill and business opportunity.

Use the Power of Pause When Speaking

Whenever effective public speakers end a sentence or phrase, they usually pause. This gives listeners time to absorb their words. Nervous presenters often do the opposite: The stress of being in front of an audience causes them to speak faster and faster, rushing past the pauses. Whether you’re speaking to a large group of strangers or …

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