Small Business Tip of the Day

Follow the Money

Small businesses may find it a challenge to secure financing the old fashioned way. Consider these alternatives to see if they make sense for your business.

Starbucks: A Model of Success

A new book offers a glimpse behind Starbucks’ massive success. Pour yourself a cup of inspired leadership, and maybe you can caffeinate your business.

Don’t Play Hard to Get

As a small business CEO, you manage hundreds of projects and details, and your marathon meeting schedule would probably kill a horse. Under those circumstances, it’s all too easy to lose touch with the people who matter the most: your employees and customers. Are you an accessible CEO? If not, have you considered what being hard to get …

Stop Micromanagement Madness

Do you have a micromanager in your midst? Take these corrective steps to put an end to the destructive management style. Your employees, and your bottom line, will love you for it.

Eight Steps to an Effective Welcome Email

Getting customers to sign up for your newsletter is only the first step. Follow these tips for killer welcome emails that will keep them interested and your newsletters out of the spam folder.

When Hiring, Evaluate Soft Skills for Hard Gains

Hiring, much like poker, has a human element that introduces risk no matter how good your prospects look on paper. If you’re looking to fill an open position on your staff, don’t forget to evaluate the soft skills that show you not just what your candidates can do, but also who they are.

Success Centers on Sales

You’ll increase your chance of small business success by keeping sales at the very center of your business, but how you do it isn’t as obvious as it sounds.

Calling All Angels

Angel investors are all the rage, highly sought after and decidedly picky. Here are five ways to attract, and keep, their attention.

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