4 Ways You Pay Too Much–and What to Do About It

By seizing on promotions and not paying attention to new products and changing markets, consumers end up in the wrong loans all the time. They spend an estimated $541 a month more than necessary on their debt repayment. Here’s …

CFPB Plans to Fix “Anti-Housewife” Credit Card Law

The Credit CARD Act of 2009 ushered in a slew of new protections for credit cardholders, but it also led to some unintended consequences. One of the biggest was the clause that can be thought of as the “stay-at-home-mom penalty,” and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now says it’s going to fix that. 

Yikes — When Debt Costs You a Job

Unpaid credit card debts can cause a whole host of headaches, from annoying collection calls all the way to wage garnishment. In the case of this one borrower, though, his debt situation snowballed so badly it cost him his job. 

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