No One Said Homeownership Was Easy, or That It’d Make You Happy

A study conducted by a Wharton professor—whose research was all conducted well before the recession and the housing crash—shows that despite all the hoopla about the white-picket-fence American dream of owning a house, homeowners are no happier than renters. Whatever joy homeowners derive from their properties is offset by …

Foreclosure Watch: At Some Point, Is It Smarter to Walk Away from Your Mortgage?

The news is making the rounds that in the first half of 2009, 1.53 million properties in the U.S. were in the foreclosure process. That’s up 15 percent companred to the previous year. The figures are certainly the result of the rise in unemployment and slow, confusing relief efforts from the government and lenders. It’s also likely that …

California Budget Solution: Tax Pot Sales

Few groups ask the government to tax them. But in light of California’s budget woes, a pro-marijuana group is advocating that the state government—that’s right, THE MAN—should take a piece of the action in pot sales.

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