Credit Card Reform: While One Hand Gives, the Other Adds Fees

Significant parts of the new credit card law go into effect today that in theory will make it easier for cardholders to pay their bills without incurring fees, and to avoid digging themselves further into debt. Balancing out this good news is an onslaught of new fees and higher rates that nearly all cardholders can expect coming down the pike.

Going Green Just Got More Cost-Effective

Some people will adopt environmentally friendly practices because they want to do their part to save the earth. Others—many others—will hop on board once it’s demonstrated that doing so will save them money.

Why Isn’t Your Roof White Already?

Studies are showing that most—but not all–Americans should be following U.S. Secretary of Energy Steve Chu’s recommendation that people paint their roofs white. On hot days, it’s 20 percent or more cheaper to air-condition a house with a white roof rather than a traditional charcoal-colored asphalt roof. It’s another simple solution

The Great Recession: Is “Great” the Right Word?

Sometimes, an adjective seems inappropriate. Take “great.” It seems both overused and misused. Wayne Gretzky? No doubt about it: GREAT. Alexander the Great? Sure. Muhammad Ali? The Greatest. But plagues, wars, floods, depressions, economic panics, riots, and recessions? If any of these things are occurring, the situation seems less than …

Deep Impact: 10 Ways the Recession Is Hitting Home in Lots of Homes

Divorced couples are living under the same roof because it’s too expensive to really split up right now. There are either more people around the house (because they’re out of work) or fewer people around the house (because they’re working second and third jobs to pay bills and get health coverage). More people are doing their own chores …

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