Romney Pal Writes an Ode to Inequality

Mitt Romney no doubt appreciates the million bucks his former Bain Capital protégé Edward Conard has donated to his election SuperPAC. He may not appreciate quite as much the shout-out he gets in the acknowledgements of …

President to Oil Speculators: Cut It Out

President Obama has taken a lot of heat from Republicans in recent weeks over high gas prices, and what he coulda, shoulda done to keep them lower. The debate reached a fever pitch during the rejection of the Keystone pipeline, …

Will the JOBS Act Live Up to Its Name?

President Obama just affixed his signature to the JOBS Act in a public signing ceremony you may have caught on CNN. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, which passed both houses with bipartisan support, sounds like a win for …

Are Female Board Members Breaking the Banks?

The conventional wisdom — not to mention a good deal of research — suggests that women are less inclined than men to take big risks with money. That’s why a new discussion paper prepared by three economists for the German …

What Went Wrong with Microfinance?

Long before “99%” became a symbol of Occupy Wall Street, the microfinance industry used the number to describe the share of its clients — poor entrepreneurs shunned by traditional banks — who repaid their micro-loans on time. …

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