Banking’s Really Bad Day

Four years on from the financial crisis, new banking scandals still seem to break out every few months. But this week has been particularly bad for the industry. There was HSBC’s $1.9 billion settlement with the U.S. Justice Department over laundering money for Latin American drug cartels and helping countries like Iran, Cuba, Sudan,

How Fining Bad Banks Can Fix Our Biggest Money Problems

When the government came down hard on Big Tobacco a decade ago regulators required that a portion of any penalties go toward educating youth on the dangers of smoking. Amid the big bank Libor scandal and a stream of continuing bank fines, regulators now should require that a portion of future bank penalties fund financial education. It’s …

Highly Educated Have Biggest Debt Problems

The federal government is suing Bank of America for a $1 billion over the bank’s pre-crisis mortgage practice known as “the hustle.” But it wasn’t just naive home buyers who fed the financial crisis. Renters and the well educated had too much debt too, and a new study concludes that college graduates are most prone to debt mismanagement.

How to Crowdfund Your Creative Project

Once a quirky financing option for intrepid entrepreneurs, crowdfunding has evolved into a fast, effective way to raise cash for just about any endeavor. Even the producers of the upcoming Charlie Kaufman movie, Anomalisa, raised …

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