The Startup That Aims to be Uber for War Zones

You find a child wheezing from pneumonia and weak from malnutrition. She needs a doctor. Her disease is curable, but only if she gets treatment quickly. The nearest hospital is miles away. You do not have a car.

In the U.S. …

Blood Work

Finding new cures means cracking the body’s complex proteins. So scientists are turning to Big Data

Nick D’Aloisio, a $30 Million Life in Pictures

It might seem odd to look back at the life of a 17 year old, but Nick D’Aloisio is no ordinary teenager. The British-Australian high school student sold Summly, his news aggregator app, to Yahoo for a reported $30 million in cash …

Smart Power

Data-crunching algorithms, not solar panels, are the new darlings of clean tech