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One last gratuitous Davos photo album

I’m in the Zurich airport waiting for my flight home, and can’t think of anything better to do than post more thrilling photos of my trip. I might post a little more about Davos on Monday but after that I promise I’ll shut about it.

New techniques in serving champagne at the closing gala

The Google party at the Belvedere hotel


Cherie Blair wants to kill the world’s intestinal worms

I realize that this photo is a blurry mess, but it may be the only visual record of one of the most surreal Davos moments ever. Somewhere behind those backs of people’s heads are Cherie Booth Blair (you know, Tony’s wife), pretending to be an intestinal worm, chasing (while wearing boots with three-inch heels) after a bunch of Davos …

Bono recounts his confession to Father Al (Gore)

When Al Gore talks, Bono and Tom Friedman listen

This morning’s big attraction here in Davos was a breakfast in which Bono and Al Gore were supposed to talk about “Combining Solutions to Extreme Poverty and the Climate Crisis.”

Bono noted up front that there’s competition as well as combination: “We have noticed that interest from …

Davos Wednesday photo album

So I’ve been too overwhelmed with dead-tree stuff to report much here today. But I did at least take a few pictures:

A morning shot of, uh, some mountain. Maybe the Jakobshorn?

Davos by night, and a fine Alabama-made vehicle (go American exports!)

Alice Waters, talking about the fine dinner of local goat and stuff she put together

Plagued by buzzing noises in Davos

That’s Becky Sharp of CNBC and Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, wishing a Swiss Army helicopter would stop buzzing them. I was supposed to go on a little later with Andrew Sorkin of the NYT, but we got bumped by stock market events in the U.S. I’m frantically trying to finish a piece for dead-tree Time at the moment. Will …

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