CapitalistCast: Why am I here? When can I sleep?

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Here’s my final CapitalistCast from Davos. It’s the most content-free yet! The folks in New York have been bugging me to be more like Ana Marie Cox and Mark Halperin and impart actual information about the day to come. But by the time you watch this, the day in Davos will already be mostly or entirely over. Plus I’m just shallow, and perpetually exhausted. This year’s World Economic Forum has been a reminder, as it always is, that true membership in the global elite requires being able to get by on four hours of sleep a night. I just don’t have what it takes.

If you’re curious about Brian Behlendorf, who plays a supporting role in the video, you can read his Davos blog. It’s much less frivolous than this one, although it doesn’t appear to have been updated since he got here. I think Brian needs more than four hours of sleep, too.