Stephen Gandel

Stephen Gandel is a senior writer for TIME, covering real estate, economics and Wall Street. He joined TIME from Time Inc. sister publication Money, where he was a senior writer for several years. Prior to that, Gandel was the senior Wall Street reporter for Crain's New York Business. He has held positions at Individual Investor and the Riverfront Times in St. Louis. Additionally, his work has appeared in Fortune and Esquire.

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Rethinking Stocks: Not Nearly the Pot of Gold We Thought

We all know that the market has had a rough few years, but new research from Bank of America Merrill Lynch suggests that stocks have been producing disappointing returns for much longer than that. Fifty years in fact. BofA-Merrill chief US equity strategist David Bianco found that when you adjust for inflation, taxes and trading costs …

Citigroup’s Good News, Not so Great

There seems to be a growing consensus on Wall Street that Citigroup’s problems are behind it. The stock has been up recently, though at $4 the company’s shares have far from rebounded. Three years ago, Citigroup’s stock fetched $50. Nonetheless, Citigroup tried to fan those good feelings yesterday with some seemingly bullish comments …

Why Capitalism is Bad at Giving Advice

I have a story up today on the website of our sister publication It is part of Fortune’s excellent redesign issue. The story is focused on a study by Sendhil Mullainathan of Harvard that finds a disturbing truth about financial planners:

Experts have long counseled against using financial planners who charge commissions,

New Jobs Number: A “Single Dip” Recession?

For a while now, chatter has been growing that the economy is headed for a double-dip recession. That’s the type where you think you have recovered, but in fact you are only on the first bump of the roller coaster. But this morning’s jobs numbers seem to suggest the possibility of a double dip is receeding. The Labor Department said the …

Housing Recovery Stalls

For a while there, it seemed the housing market had made the turn to recovery. Housing sales were up in nearly every month in 2009. But today it looks like real estate is headed back down again. The National Association of Realtors is out with its monthly housing stats and sales were down 7.2% in January from the month before, the second …

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