Stephen Gandel

Stephen Gandel is a senior writer for TIME, covering real estate, economics and Wall Street. He joined TIME from Time Inc. sister publication Money, where he was a senior writer for several years. Prior to that, Gandel was the senior Wall Street reporter for Crain's New York Business. He has held positions at Individual Investor and the Riverfront Times in St. Louis. Additionally, his work has appeared in Fortune and Esquire.

Articles from Contributor

SEC Remains Baffled by Market Crash

Ok. So here’s what we do know. It is very unlikely that a “fat finger”–Wall Street lingo for a trader keying in the wrong trade, say selling billions of shares instead of millions–caused the market crash. But what did? Mary Shapiro, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, told a Congressional panel today that the SEC still …

The Good News About the Market Drop

You probably know the bad news already. Stocks on Thursday dropped 600 points in 15 minutes in mid-afternoon. The market went down nearly 1000 points before rebounding. That’s the worst mid-day drop in the Dow Jones industrial average EVER. So really bad stuff. But here’s the good news: Bond prices were up. During the hysteria, the …

Why Jamie Dimon is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren

There are a lot of reasons to like the idea of a consumer financial protection agency. My colleagues Barbara Kiviat and Michael Grunwald have named the more substantive ones here, here and here. But I think I have stumbled across possibly the most telling data point yet on why the CFPA is a good idea: Jamie Dimon is scared of debating …

What the Confidential Goldman E-mails Tell Us

Over the weekend, a Senate Committee headed by Carl Levin released dozens of 4 private Goldman Sachs e-mails. (UPDATE: Dozens more were voluntarily released by Goldman.) They show the computer chatter among Goldman’s top brass, and top mortgage market players during mid-2007, which is the time the housing market was going from …

Just How Weak is the Case Against Goldman Sachs?

A growing number of people are chiming in to say that the SEC case against Goldman Sachs is not as strong as it seems. Not sure why they would say that. I have read the SEC complaint a few times and it seems like damaging stuff to me. Even if Goldman didn’t break the disclosure rules that are at the heart of the case against it, the …

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