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How Much are Workers to Blame for Income Inequality?

A common refrain in conversations about poverty—and unemployment and income inequality—is that more education will lead people to better-paying jobs and higher living standards. I certainly don’t want to make an argument against education, but recent research from MIT economist Frank Levy and business professor Tom Kochan provides …

Is Obama Focused on the Right Strengths of the U.S. Economy?

Rana Foroohar, TIME Assistant Managing Editor in charge of economics and business, weighs in on the economic messages in the State of the Union address:

Factory jobs for life are gone. We should worry about China eating our lunch. Education is the way to a bigger paycheck. Clean energy is good; Big Oil is bad (so are greedy bankers). We

It’s a Deal: JetBlue Flights from $29

During a sale in which tickets must be purchased by January 13, JetBlue offers fares such as $29 between Fort Lauderdale and Nassau, Bahamas, $39 (Boston-Washington, D.C.), $44 (Raleigh-Boston, Long Beach-San Francisco), $69 (New York-New Orleans), $99 (New York-Bermuda, Austin-Long Beach), and $119 (San Francisco-Boston). A seven-day …

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