Brian O'Connell

Brian O’Connell is a Doylestown, Pennsylvania-based freelance writer with 15 years experience covering business news and trends, particularly in the financial, health care and career management sectors. A former Wall Street bond trader; O’Connell’s placed two business books in "The Book of the Month Club" and his byline has appeared in dozens of top-tier national business publications, including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The, Yahoo! Finance, CBS Marketwatch, and many more. The author of 14 books, O’Connell has appeared as an expert commentator on business issues on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, C-Span, Bloomberg, CBS Radio, and other media outlets.

Articles from Contributor

Bank Stocks Are On the Upswing

Like the rest of the market, bank stocks have taken a beating in August, led by Bank of America, which is down 40% over the past four weeks. But investors waded back into the sector Wednesday, propelled by a surprisingly upbeat …

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