Alison Rogers

Alison Rogers likes real estate, writing and cookies, not necessarily in that order. Her memoir of her first year in real estate, Diary of a Real Estate Rookie, was called "beach-read fun" (yes, really!) by the New York Observer. A summa cum laude graduate of Harvard, she lives in Manhattan, where she owns a co-op and a condo. Rogers, the founding editor of the New York Post's real estate section, works as an agent for the boutique firm DG Neary Realty and is a proud member of the Real Estate Board of New York.

Articles from Contributor

Get Ready for Higher Property Taxes

The property taxes on my condo just went up 17%. That would be a breathtaking number if I wasn’t so used to it: Last year they jumped 16%. The problem here in New York City is that there are fewer real estate sales than during the boom, so the city has to make up the missing revenue from somewhere. And guess what? Existing homeowners are …

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