Alison Rogers

Alison Rogers likes real estate, writing and cookies, not necessarily in that order. Her memoir of her first year in real estate, Diary of a Real Estate Rookie, was called "beach-read fun" (yes, really!) by the New York Observer. A summa cum laude graduate of Harvard, she lives in Manhattan, where she owns a co-op and a condo. Rogers, the founding editor of the New York Post's real estate section, works as an agent for the boutique firm DG Neary Realty and is a proud member of the Real Estate Board of New York.

Articles from Contributor

‘Snoopy House’ Saved From Foreclosure

When Jim Jordan suffered through a foreclosure, it wasn’t just about the family house. The Costa Mesa, Calif. ranch house that he grew up in (but no longer lived in) was host to a gigantic Christmas display. Sure, there was Santa on the roof with reindeer — but there was also an array of Charles Schultz “Peanuts” characters that drew …

Delinquencies in Mortgages, Credit Cards Rise

As a nation, we’re collectively late with our payments again. For one, the rate of 60-day delinquencies among homeowners — basically two missed mortgage payments — rose in the September quarter, according to TransUnion. The jump from 5.82% to 5.88% is the first rise in the delinquency rate in two years.

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