No Wonder Your Boss Is Smiling

He is way more satisfied with his life -- and job -- than you

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A new Pew study confirms what you already knew; bosses are way more satisfied with their lives than the people who work for them.

69% of people who identify as bosses say they’re “very satisfied” with their jobs, while only 48% of workers say so. But bosses also report higher levels of satisfaction at home as well. 83% of bosses say they’re happy with their family life, while only 74% of workers are happy with their life at home. And unsurprisingly, 40% of bosses are happy with their financial situation, while only 28% of workers feel they make enough money.

The survey also revealed other differences between bosses and workers. 53% of bosses identify as Republican, while only 37% of workers do.

Bosses and their underlings were most similar in the views about about gender differences in the workplace, with only a 2-3 percent discrepancy between their opinions on workplace equality and whether society favors men. For example, 54% of both bosses and workers think men get paid more for doing the same job.