This Is the Urban Outfitters T-Shirt That Has People Going Apoplectic

A crop top labeled with the word "Depression" is the latest in a long line of ill-considered designs

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Urban Outfitters pulled a crop top emblazoned with the word “Depression” Sunday after coming under fire for appearing to make light of a mental illness. Angry consumers rushed to Twitter  and Facebook to lodge complaints. Many of them paired the photo of the crop top with that of a T-shirt Urban Outfitters pulled in 2010 that reads “Eat Less.”

Urban tweeted that it “heard” the outcry and was removing the item from its site:

It also explained that “Depression” was the name of the small brand that made the shirt, not a reference to the disease:

The next day the firm apologized:

The retailer has a history of pulling outfits due to cultural insensitivity. Some examples include: a 2004 shirt that reads “Everyone Loves a Jewish Girl” surrounded by money signs and shopping bags, a 2005 shirt that read “New Mexico, Cleaner than the Real Mexico,” a 2010 shirt in “Obama Black,” and a 2012 shirt sporting a Jewish star, “reminiscent of the what Nazis made Jews wear during the Holocaust.