Ten Companies That Get It Right

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As a small business, you may not be able to pay the highest salaries, but you might be able to make up for it by creating a great environment where people want to work.

Here are ten companies to draw from for inspiration, courtesy of Glassdoor and Baseline Magazine.

SAS Institute frequently tops lists of great places to work, and that’s not surprising considering the many benefits: an aquatic center, gym, onsite childcare, subsidized meals at cafes – the list goes on.

If that’s too ambitious, and it probably is for a startup trying to preserve funds, plenty of other companies get little things right that you could emulate.

Career Builder, for example, is known for its casual dress code and abundant knowledge-sharing. REI is lauded for its lack of office politics. National Instruments encourages employee interests – both work-related and hobbies. LinkedIn gives employees a day a month for personal or team projects. FactSet is known for flexible scheduling and free lunch (who says there’s no such thing?).

It doesn’t take much to put a smile on your employees’ faces. Consider the needs and interests of your staff and come up with a few perks that might boost morale – and your bottom line.

Adapted from Ten Great Companies for Work-Life Balance at Baseline Magazine.