Four Skills Every Manager Should Develop

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If you’re new to management or just looking to refresh your skills, here are four things that could help you get the most from your employees.

Start by understanding team dynamics. Strive for balance in skill sets, personality and viewpoints, and don’t be afraid to shake things up occasionally. A little uncertainty can show you who can thrive in tough times.

Develop key employees. Give standout employees additional responsibilities and training. Mentor them.

Delegate and motivate. Trusting vital functions to those key employees helps them develop and frees you up for more important tasks. And share credit too.

Make informed decisions. If you’ve done a good job developing your team, they’ll be there when you need input on major decisions, and you should have developed the kind of relationships so they’ll tell you the truth.

Adapted from Sharpen These 4 Small Business Management Skills by Rob Sabo at Small Business Computing.